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World Financial mafia against democracy
A disturbing process has begun in Europe. World Financial Mafia is using the financial crisis to appoint its own people for the "posts" of Head of States in Europe. It has happened in Greece and Italy. It shows us that World Financial Mafia directly violated the basic principle of democracy, people's right to choose a leader of own country. In this situation, EU became just a tool of this financial mafia, which has own plans, not limited to the boundaries, has no relation to any system of political relations, but has its own separate policy, which is aimed exclusively at the seizure of power in the world and became a threat to democracy itself.



Moscow, Moscow tsardom
 December 16, 2011
People and the power in Moscow tsardom.

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December 18, 2011
The Sea of Okhotsk
53 people dead after oil drilling platform capsized and sank in the Sea of Okhotsk. Owned by Moscow regime oil rig was built  in 1985 by Finish company Rauma Repola. Oil rig had not been repaired for many years and only last year it was repaired. Moscow regime spent 20 years ruthlessly exploiting all that was built long time ago and now everything is going out of order. And also every accident results in a loss of human lives.
Infrastructure of the country and Moscow regime itself are rotted and Moscow regime like this oil rig goes slowly to the bottom.


December 20, 2011
New entertainment in Moscow tsardom.

A private telephone conversations between leaders of street opposition were released to the public.
Street opposition accused Moscow regime in release of Nemtsov's phone conversations.
Today Nemtsov appologized to other leaders of street opposition for his obscene phone conversations.
Last week has shown us and, it is became clear, that power, opposition and street opposition understood that people of Moscow tsardon do not support all of them.
And it looks like Moscow regime and some leaders of street opposition are trying to turn a serious political situation in the country into new entertainment. But it doesn't work.


Protest against Moscow regime on December 10, 2011.
35,000 people came to the streets of Moscow to protest against Moscow regime.


December 22, 2011
Moscow, Moscow tsardom
Moscow regime again is playing its political game. Today Medvedev called for political reform.
During four years Medvedev warmed tsar throne for Putin and now Medvedev is talking about political reform? It is not serious. Moscow regime is just trying to buy time for itself.
Nothing changed. Recently KGB agent Sergei Ivanov became Kremlin chief of staff. Sergei Naryshkin, who has KGB diploma and actually did graduate from KGB school in 1982, became the new speaker of parliament.
So, we have situation when next tsar of Moscow tsardom will be KGB agent Putin, his helper will be KGB agent Ivanov and chief of "boiyars assembly", which called Duma, will be KGB school graduate Naryshkin.
So, all main position of power in Moscow tsardom, including tsar position, will be KGB agents.
What kind of reform are they talking about? It is nonsense.


December 23, 2011
Last three days show us that Moscow regime does not trust its own entonrage of people who are close to power.
It became clear that Moscow regime builds vertical of power inside power structures. Moscow regime puts own guards with a whip over all branches of power structures. Rogozin's appointment shows us that Moscow regime doesn't trust its own army.


Protest in Moscow on December 24, 2011
40, 000 people came to the streets of Moscow. But it does not mean that we have seen a birth of civil society.


Street opposition and these leaders.


December 26, 2011
Political system of Moscow tsardom was not created by Putin but formed in 17th century by taking a sample from Mongol-Tatar system of power ( Mongol-Tatar horde or urda). In different periods of  Moscow tsardom existence, this system of power was building up a different add-on camouflage in the form of  czarism, stalinism, soviet ideology, putinism but the system of power remained the same.
A system of power of this type and Finnish-Ugrian population of Moscow tsardom are at a new stage of their existence.
Moscow regime, opposition and street opposition are just fighting for power and they do not want to change this system of power. All of them just want again build up a new camouflage (now in form of  "democratic clothing") and it looks ridiculous.
This decrepit system of power leads to slow extinction of population and collapse of this system.


December 28, 2011
Moscow regime and protesters.
The results of December  2011.
First, sreet opposition began to learn from its own mistakes and it is very good. Second, protesters made Moscow regime nervous and Moscow regime began to make mistakes. And it is very good.
Protesters began to believe in themselves and from now on protesters have to believe that anything is possible and everything in their power. But people have to think, work on it, organize but not seek now a new candidate for the position of new "tsar".
Good luck in the new year!

December 28, 2011
According to press, Putin is going to sell gas to Turkey cheaper (for $200) in exchange for permission from Turkey for building the South stream pipeline. It is not beneficial to Moscow regime in economic terms. It also shows that Putin doesn't care about own country but he cares only to satisfy his own political ambitions.
But it is for the better because after such not wise decisions Putin is going quickly to loose his power.

December 31, 2011
Putin has sent New Year's greetings to population of his country. He has used in his speach as usual street slang and insulted the people who support opposition.
Putin's street slang shows us the culture of population of this country. Putin is still supported by 35% of population, which likes this kind of language and behavior.
So, what kind of people - that kind is the ruler.


January 9, 2012
Bryansk, Moscow state
A toddler has died in sewage system of Moscow state.
On January 8, 2012 at 12:15 PM (local time) a sidewalk in Bryansk suddenly collapsed and woman with child falled through a hole. Woman was rescued by her husband but child was swept into the underground municipal sewage system. His body was found only on January 9, 2012 at 5PM (local time).
There is possibility that Moscow regime and Moscow state will suddenly collapse as it happened with a sidewalk in Bryansk.

click to watch video


January 22, 2012
Moscow, Moscow state
There is new Moscow writer.


Moscow style sauna
January 26, 2012
In London in court, according to Business Insider, it has now been revealed that Deripaska took Rothschild and Mandelson to aluminium smelter and the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-electric station on January 31, 2005.
Rothschild said in court that it was only a recreational 24-hours trip which he made to injoy sauna.
It is very strange story, isn't it ?


February 4, 2012
Not a single vote for Putin!
There was again anti-Moscow regime demonstration in Moscow on February 4, 2012.
120,000 people came to the streets of Moscow to demand free election, release of political prisoners and punishment for whose who was involved in the vote-rigging.
At this time, demonstrators were more organized, the speakers from the stage expressed their thoughts concisely and intelligibly, thought and goals were expressed succinctly and clearly.
Dispite the fact that speakers represented different parties, they were able to formulate the basic idea of the protest movement against Moscow regime in this period of time.


February 4, 2012
Pro-Putin rally was defeated today. Pro-Putin activists couldn't and can't deliver any real proposal of plan for devoloping the country. Speaches of those who spoke on the stage were about desire to return to Soviet Union time.
Also people were forced to come to the rally and for this purpouse was used administrativ resourse. People were brought to Paklonnaya by special buses which were provided by Moscow regime and some of the people were paid by bags of groceries for their attandance of the rally.


Putin's new chick

February 13, 2012
National Reserve Bank has nominated Alexey Navalny as a candidate for the board of directors of OAO Aeroflot.
51% of the company Aeroflot owned by Moscow regime.
Putin's and Navalny's imperial-chauvinist views are well known.
It became clear that now Putin has decided to feed his new chick Navalny giving Navalny access to the government trough.


February 13, 2012
Today Su-24 bomber crashed in Kurgan region while Putin was visiting the region.


February 18, 2012
Moscow, Moscow state
Moscow regime uses the Moscow state's resources to encourage people to come to pro-Putin rally. It looks like Soviet style parade or official parade in North Korea.


February 20, 2012
Moscow, Moscow state
It became clear today that Moscow regime afraids anti-Putin demonstartions, specially if demonstration will be on Lubyanka Plaza, which is symbol of tyranny and KGB atrocity and of course because Putin also was KGB agent.
And so, today Moscow regime made everything for preventing the opposition to occupy Lubyanka Plaza for demonstration against Putin on March 4-5, 2012.

February 20, 2012
Moscow regime is trying to tame the street opposition and turn it into a manageable opposition. At the same time Moscow regime is using this meeting with the street opposition for its own PR. As result of the meeting the street opposition received an empty promises.
There is a risk that as result of this game, the street opposition may lose trust of its supporters.


February 21, 2012
Another lie of Putin
In his last article Putin wrote "We created best tank of WWII T-34".
It is a lie.
Tank T-34 was created by Ukrainians in Kharkiv Design Bureau and first producted by Ukrainians at the KhPZ factory in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


February 22, 2012
Medvedev's last statement that the President election in 1996
was rigged and Eltsyn was the illegimate president is very interesting.
Because if Eltsyn was the illegimate president than Putin appointed by Eltsyn is illegimate too. It looks like Medvedev does not sure that he will become Prime Minister if Putin wins election.
Medvedev is trying to play own game?


February 23, 2012
Tallinn, Estonia
Putin's spies were arrested on February 22, 2012 in Estonia.
Estonian official, along with his wife, were arrested at Tallinn Airport and are under investigation for selling classified materials to Moscow state.


February 23, 2012
Today there was pro-Putin rally in Moscow which was organized by Putin's election staff.
People were brought to Luzhniki stadium by buses and trains from other parts of the country. Who paid for people's travel is not clear. It is unknown whether budget money has been used for people's travel or not.
The payment for the participation in pro-Putin rally was made by another method than before.
People had been promised cash bonuses which will be distributed after the rally at work places.
People had to show their pasports before enter the stadium.
Each group of people who arrived to pro-Putin rally had their own overlooker who vigilantly watched the behavior of people.
People were clearly insructed how to behave at pro-Putin rally.
Program of the rally included speeches, concert and video clips on big screens.
Putin arrived in the end of the rally after one hour. After his speech people left Luzhniki stadium.
Pro-Putin rally consisted a quotes from Stalin's time.
For example, Stalin's time slogans:
"Stalin and people are united!"
"For homeland! For Stalin!"
A phrase from stalinist's speech: "Victory will be ours!"
Slogans on posters at Putin's rally
"Putin and people are united!"
"For homeland! For Stalin! For Putin!"
Putin finished his speech by making quote from stalinist's speech " Victory will be ours!"
The meaning of Putin's speech was that who are not with us is against us. From Putin's speech people recieved a signal that only one who loves Putin loves homeland. It can be compared with stalinists's slogan "We will die for Stalin!"
It was a complete absurd.
Putin doesn't have any other method of compaigning in election than using Stalin's time slogans?
It is rediculous.


Bolotnaya Plaza in Moscow as symbol of the relationship between parasitic power and people.

The wretchedness of Moscow state's political life.
Mongolo-tatar political structure is archaic political structure of  contemporary Moscow state. But as a puff pie it always had a top layer, which we can call the political superstructure.
At various time this top layer was different.
What we can see now?
1) Tsarism as a monstrously transformed into worship of Putin.
2) Political red wing, which consisting of left-wing parties which offer people the fairy tale about social justice.
3) Imperial-chauvinistic movement that gives people an illusion of its greatness and impereal status and moves people away from understanding the real state of society.
Indigenous civil society has never existed in Moscow state.
We can not take Novgorod Republic as example because Novgorod Republic has nothing to do with Moscow state.
Moscow had destroyed Novgord Republic and did not take anything from its political structure.
Rural comunity was the only civil structure in 19 century.
But it was destroyed by Linin and Stalin regimes.
Compromise with the existing archaic mongolo-tatar vertical of political power was and is the main feature of this so-called Moscow folks. It doesn't matter where they live, what city of Moscow state, you can call them Moscow folks.
This people has always existed apart from the parasitic elite power and was not involved in political life of the country.
But in this period it will lead to self-destraction of this people.


February 27, 2012
According to Moscow press Ukrainian SBU and Moscow regime's intelligence agency prevented an attempt on life of Vladimir Putin.
On February 4, 2012  Ukraine's intelligence agency's special unit captured Chechen Adam Osmaev who is wanted by Interpol.
Osmaev admitted that he and two others were going to kill Vladimir Putin after presidential election. All three man arrived to Odesa on January 4, 2012 from the United Arab Emirates through Turkey and later were going to Moscow. 
Chechen Madayev died after explosion in January, 2012, Moskavite Iliya Piazin was captured in January, 2012 and Chechen Osmaev was captured on February 4, 2012.
It seems as usual some story about Putin and Chechens before president election.
Putin's pre-election propaganda is clearly at an impasse if it is necessary to invent such story a week before the election.


Moscow state
February 28, 2012
In Astrakhan 10 people were killed after a part of the public building collapsed on February 27, 2012
In Khabarovsk region military aircraft SU-30 crushed on February 28, 2012.


Moscow regime's rotten Moscow State


February 29, 2012
Political situation in contemporary Moscow State.
Moscow regime since 1991 has been aimed at personal enrichment and accumulation of wealth at the expense of the improverishment of the population of the country.
And of course communists's regime before them was not better. They built their prosperity on the blood of millions prisoners in NKVD (KGB) dungeons and Stalin's camps.
Eltsyn, Chubais and those like them, who robbed the people from 1991 until 1999, put Putin in power as a watchdog for their protection from the wrath of the people.
From period from 1991 until 1999 the Finno-Ugric population of the country, the so-called Russians, declined by 12 million people.
Once in power, Putin and his cronies continued to enrich themselves like their prodecessors. They threw a bone from the master's table to people's survival. Money from sale of oil and gas was the resource of it.
In spite of this, the population of the country has lost another 3 million people.
This Finno-Ugric population of contemporary Moscow State has no experience of political self-organization and it is sad.
All political movements have tried to use this people for their own purposes.
Political backwardness and political primitiveness of thinking
that prevents this people to survive.
Unfortunately, there is a danger, that this people hardly will survive the next period of any power which is based on archaic mongolo-tatar political structure of power.


March 1, 2012
Today's Putin's statement about the leaders of the street opposition makes no sense. The population of large cities of the country goes to demonstrations. Most of the people do not belong to any of the opposition parties. They are dissatisfied with the policy of Moscow regime including his, Putin's politics. So, Putin refers his speech to the wrong adress.
Also, Putin's rhetoric about that the demonstrations are a good experience for the country is just an ordinary cynicism.
Moscow regime is going to buy a heavy special equipment and armored cars for police and the police will have everything in March, 2012. 
It shows that Moscow regime fears anti-Putin demonstrations.


March 1, 2012
The representative of U.S. Chevron Corp. arrived to Moscow to talk with the government officials on Arctic exploration.
It is certainly will be good for Chevron to have this contract.
But it does not create jobs for American workers and does not help American economy.
But Putin with this contract is just trying to strengthen his shaky personal political situation.
Moscow regime deceived the West with the bait in the form of Putin's puppet Medvedev to gain time.
And now Putin is back and he is trying to find new opportunity to trick the West again.


March 2, 2012
Corruption of Moscow regime and political instability in Dagistan.
Yesterday Moscow regime withdrew its application for conducting Youth Olimpic Games in Dagistan in 2014.
Political situation in Dagistan is unstable for many years.
Moscow regime's last military operation in Dagistan was on March 1, 2012. The guerrilla war in Dagistan against Moscow regime continues for many years.
One of the main reasons for it is corruption of Moscow regime's officials and Moscow regime itself and also corruption and impunity of the local officials who are only puppets of Moscow regime.
Only for last two years Moscow regime's officials and local officials stole from Dagistan budget hundreds of billians of rubels.
The real election in Dagistan is not exist because Moscow regime controls everything.
It shows that Moscow regime is corrupt, rotten and archaic
and eventually Moscow regime will be destoyed.

March 4, 2012
Today, in the morning two people died from a heart attack in the polling stations. On of them was a member of electoral commission of polling station #3084 in Moscow. He died at 7:57 A.M. (Moscow time).
Another man 53 year-old died right in the voting booth. He fell in front of other voters and than died. It happened in city Omsk.
It is clear that there was not a normal situation before election and many people was under pressure from Moscow regime.
It is clear that Putin wants to win this election in the first round at any cost, but he can win the battle but lose the war.


Putin's election - compulsory voting.

March 4, 2012
There are more than 1000 complaines of election violations
across the country. Most of them in Moscow and Moscow region.


March 5, 2012
Putin yesterday has tears on his face during the rally which was celebrated his "victory".
Moscow, according to local saying, doesn't believe in tears.
Today people came to the streets of Moscow to express their dissagreement with the result of the presidental election. They declared that the result of the presidental election is void.
Putin is not sure about his victory becourse there are 36,500 police , military and special forces in Moscow right now.
250 people was arrested at the rally against Moscow regime.
At the rally people was saying that Putin stole their votes in election and they want re-election.


March 5, 2012
Today in St.Petersburg people came to Isakievskaya Plaza to express their dissatisfaction with the result of the presidential election. Police cars blocked the center of the plaza to prevent peple to occupy the area. Then people began to gather around the plaza and chanted anti-government slogans:
Down with police state!
Petersburg does not surrender and will fight!
Putin is a thief! Dawn with Putin!
300 people was arrested.

click to watch video


March 6, 2012
Results of the election to Duma and the presidential election.
One of the major violation of the election to Duma and the presidential election was not only a violation of the elections across the country by using the administrative methods but most importantly the absense of real elections in the North Caucasus where exist the military colonial regime and where the real elections can not be possible.
Because of this situation, we saw there 100% turnout in election and 100% "support" for Putin in North Caucasus.
It shows us that there is a military junta of Moscow regime in North Caucasus.

Protest movement in Moscow state.
What to do.
It is time for protest movement of large cities of the country to create a civil organization with its headquarters in various cities across the country. The leaders of the street opposition and the official opposition can not be a leaders of civil organization but can be a members of this organization.

The tasks of new civil organization
1) Submission of Declaration to International organizations about that the election to Duma and the presidential election were not fair and that Moscow regime violated the country's constitution.
2) The creation of the headquarters of civil organization in various cities of the country.
3) Working with community.
Organize the lectures on the topic "Is it possible to advent of democracy in the country with a dictatorial regime ?".
4) Leaders of the street opposition and the official opposition should stop using the protest movement for their own gain.
They should help the protest movement but not try to use it.
Because it creates the problem to pretest movement and the leaders of opposition themselves.
5) Petersburg's protest movement has to create its own headquarter of a civil organization.
6) The headquarter of the civil organization should have their own newspaper.
For Petersburg, for example, "The civil bulletin of Petersburg".
7) Ads of the civil organization must appear on the streets of the cities.
Announcements about upcoming events will be posted on the bords on the streets of the cities.
All this is a lengthy process.
Protests must continue.
Demands from the protest movement to Moscow regime should be based on the situations which are arising in the course of the struggle for people's rights.
There are a lot of difficulties on your way.
Such as Chubais, Nemtsov, Ryzhkov and others continue to flirt with Moscow regime. But that should not stop you.
The civil organization must not flirt with Moscow regime.
Participants of the protest movement must learn to think for themselves, bring forth their own ideas, make decisions and communicate them to the end.
Good luck!


In recent years the politics of the West deteriorated.
This policy looks like a street vendor on the market, who trades democratic values in exchange for gas and Central Asian military bases and also sells democratic values in international politics.
Can the West confront Putin or the West is too weak for this?
So, we shall see.


March 7, 2012
Moscow, Moscow state
45 million people voted for Putin. The country's total population is 143 million people. Therefore only 11,1% of
total population voted for Putin. It bacame clear why Putin was so nervous during the election.
This result shows that the majority of the population of the country simply ignored the presidential election.
This is certainly also a kind of protest of people against Putin.

March 9, 2012
In Moscow, on March 9, 2012, a group of human rights activivists criticized the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for calling Putin the "clear winner" of the presidential election. The group of right activists called Clinton's remarks as insult to people who is struggling for honest election in their country and that Clinton's statement is a serious political mistake.

March 9, 2012
Moscow regime is using today's Obama's phone conversation with Putin as an evidence of Putin's legitimacy within the country and abroad. In this situation Moscow regime has used Obama's phone call to its own gain. In result, it looks ungainly for the US image.
Politics is a delicate matter and in result of this stuation, Putin will try to present Obama's phone call as a sign of weakness of US administration.


March 10, 2012
Sochi, Moscow State
Potemkin village of Moscow regime.
Berlusconi enjoys himself during his stay at Krasnaya Polyana ski resort but he does not know that his visit to this Potemkin village of Moscow regime left 12,000 people without electricity.
Old local electric power station can provide electricity only for Krasnaya Polyana ski resort but its power is not enough for the whole area.
So, Sochi's population will be without electricity during Berlusconi's entire stay at Krasnaya Polyana ski resort.


March 15, 2012
Moscow, Moscow State
Rotten Moscow state.
Two pilots was killed after the military helicopter KA-52 crashed near city Torzhok, Tver region on March 12, 2012.




May 6, 2012
The rally against Putin and Moscow regime.
Today Putin tried to hinder the rally. The police and special forces provoked clashes. Police suddenly blocked access to the area where the rally took place and a lot of people accumulated near police barriers.
The speakers were not allowed to speak at the rally and they were immediately arrested. Then accumulated a large number of people who could not get to the area tried to break through police barriers.
So, the police themselves provoked clashes. It is clear that today Moscow regime has lost its nerve.
As a result, 450 people were arrested.
One photographer died under unclear circumstances and a few people remained in the hospital.
So, Putin's fear of losing power has created chaos.


Pu 1 or Moscow imposter before inauguration


Putin's inauguration
Putin's car proceeded through empty streets of Moscow in inauguration day on May 7, 2012.
Moscow regime ordered to empty Moscow streets from the people. What a shame!



May 8, 2012
900 people were arrested and detained by police during 3 days
demonstrations against Putin and Moscow regime.




May 9, 2012
Today many nations of the former Soviet Union celebrated the Victory Day. But when you look at the TV screen and read newspapers, you feel a certain artificiality of what is happening. The feeling was that this celebration is the props.
And only after looking closely, it became clear what's wrong, the age of war veterans. War veterans who have survived to the present day must be 89-93 years old.
But most of the people who were before us today and presented themselves as war veterans, are much younger and about 76-80 years old.
Who are this people and why they are getting the benefits of war veterans?
It is very simple. In the 50s this people were the part of the NKVD and later KGB troops which suppressed the resistance of different nations of the former Soviet Union and peoples of Baltic countries and later the peoples of Eastern Europe such as Poland and Hungary in 1956.
In 1954, the Soviet regime gave those Stalin's and Soviet NKVD (KGB) criminals a status of war veterans and all monetary benefits also including medical care and use of Stalin's and Soviet paid by the government vications, special stores and other privileges.
Now it is clear why many of them were holding today a portrait of Stalin. They were his executioners and recieved pay for their crimes from Soviet regime in the form of benefits for war veterans. It is another crime of NKVD and KGB and Stalin and Soviet regimes.
Most outrages is that this people did not fight in the war and were only the NKVD- KGB executioners after the war.


May 10, 2012
On May 9, 2012 Russian Sukhoi Superjet crashed at the edge of Mount Salak in Indonesia. It was demonstration flight.
48 passengers on board of the airplane were  8 Russians ( 2 test pilots, navigator, 2 engineers, Chief of Flight Centor Sukhoi, Director of Sales, Contracts manager),  and invited guests including 2 French representatives of Snecma, Italian representative of Italian company, American representative, Indonesian airline and aviation executives and five local journalists.


May 21, 2012
Italy, Ferrara
On May 20, 2012  ( at 4:03 A.M. local time) a 5.9-magnitute earthquake in North of Italy killed 7 people (most of them were workers of a ceramics factory) and forced 6,000 people for evacuation.
But Monti returned to Italy only today.


May 22, 2012
Today eventually Monti arrived to the area hit by an earth quake. He visited a tent camp in Finale Emilia, and stoped at ceramic factory where workers died after factory collapsed.
Monti spent little time to absorb of destraction after earthquake, while a small group of people stage a protest.
The northern Emilia-Romagna region also has been damaged economically and more than 2,000 people will be without pay in 13 weeks ahead. The damage to the local economy is at 500 million euros.
So, after a very short trip to disaster zone, Monti returned to Rome for a Cabinet meeting that pronounced the state of emergency in the area and made 50 million euro in emergency funds available to use by the national Civil Protection agency providing quake assistance.
Italian factories, farmes and warehouses have heavy damage.
It were newly buit buildings which completely collapsed after earthquake.
Stefano Gresta, president of the National Institute of Geophysics said that seeing new buildings collapse after an earthquake, which was strong, but not exceptionaly strong, is not acceptable in a modern society.
This poblem need to be analyzed.
But other interesting question Who built this kind of buildings?


July 30, 2012
London, England
Does Somebody hate the Olympic Peaceful Spirit?
On Sunday, in the middle of the night, construction workers, following the order from Games organizers, turned off the Olympic flame.
Now the sport events in London are only London Games but not the Olympic Games anymore.
What a shame.


October 31, 2012
Gerard Butler has been signed to play a lead role in new film "Dynamo" based on Stalin's fairy tale about football game between the occupied Ukrainian football team and German nazi team during  WWII.
Stalin's fairy tale will be base for new movie? What a shame.