Ukrainian tenor Oleksandr Myshuha
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Biography of Ukrainian tenor Oleksandr Myshuha


Ukrainian tenor Oleksandr Myshuha was born in Novyi Vytkiv, Lviv region, Ukraine.
He graduated from Lviv conservatory and later studied in Milan, Italy. His first debut was at the stage of Lviv Opera.
Oleksandr Myshuha performed at the opera stages of Milan, Lviv, Warsaw, Krakow, Vienna, London, Berlin, Paris, Kyiv.
His repertoire: Andriy from Ukrainian opera "Zaporozhets beyond Denube" by Hulak-Artemovskyi, Romeo from opera "Romeo and Juliette" by Gounod, Faust, Iontek from opera "Halka" by Manushko, the Duke from opera " Rigoletto" by Verdi, Fernando from opera "La Favorite" by Donizetti,
and others.
Oleksandr Myshuha tought vocal at Kyiv conservatory ( 1905-1911), at Warsaw conservatory ( 1911-1914) and at the vocal school in Rome, Italy (1914-1919).
 After 1919 Oleksandr Myshuha tought vocal in Stockholm, Sweden.
He gave many recital concerts and performed not only arias from opera repertoire but also art songs, including Ukrainian art songs.
Oleksandr Myshuha also provided financial assistance for publication of the collection of Ivan Franko's poetry and supported financially the Lysenko music college and Lviv school in Ukraine.